Our Purpose or Vison statments

‘To open up the world for those who want to know’.


We believe our people have the right to belong to a Team (family), and Nation that will provide them with an exciting future and a supportive working community. They also have the right to see a clear gatway to achieving their career goals. Promotion and transfers from within will always be our first choice.


A fair margin resulting in a business profit is the key measure of whether we really are providing our customers with an amazing experience, an amazing product and a very caring service – an experience they genuinely value and will pay us for.

Online Agency is your instant link to thousands of travel agents. For over fifteen years, we've been the industry's leading link between online travel agents and the vacations you supply. As an Online Agency supplier, we'll provide your constantly updated travel information to both our agents and affiliate

Agent Advantage

 -> Single window to buy tickets for all airlines

 -> White labeling of invoices to keep agent branding intact

 -> White label agent website with our technology, this allows access to the best discounts and incentives on deposits

 -> With enough business, an agent will qualify for special schemes announced monthly, quarterly and annually

All these services are available while maintaining a line of credit with travelgiantonline.com .Powered by one of the country's largest air ticket aggregators; it brings tremendous value on air ticket purchases.